Targeted And Qualified All in one Lead Generation Solution for Your Business 

Focus on the other aspects of your business while allowing us to do all the lead generation, data research, and personalized outreach for you.

How it Works

How Our Lead Generation Process Works

1. Understand Your Business

We start off every client by first understanding their business, their targeted leads, area of interest, and any past lead information that can help us find the correct channel to start searching for leads. Whether you're trying to maintain a 10% growth rate or close enterprise deals we're here to help!

2. Research Leads

After the list building, we dive deeply into researching each and everyone of the leads. We combine monitoring tools along with a lot of manual human work to try and identify a buying signal within every single lead. During this process we also ensure that all the information is 100% accurate and valid.

3. Personalized Email Reachout

If necessary, we will then use what we researched about the lead and craft a personalized and effective outreach to ensure the highest response and conversion rate. If necessary, we will also help you call these leads. 

4. Follow Up

For all the leads that do not reply after a certain amount of days, we will craft another personalized email for a follow up. Usually this is 3-7 days after the initial email. We also keep track of all of the emails to see if the leads opened up your email. Sometime, leads forget to reply or they are just too busy and that is why following up with a personal email is extremely powerful.

5. Forward You The Leads!

We send out the leads on a bi-weekly basis, but the schedule is adjustable depending on how much custom data/filtering is involved. We will continue to work on our discussed goal of data/leads.


6. Unlimited Support

We generally respond to all support within 12 hours and can be extremely flexible when it comes to custom targeting and filtering for leads. We believe that communication is key to a long term partnership.

Lead/Data Research

In addition to just finding leads, we also do custom lead research. Lead research is where we help you find information based on a list or a segment of leads. For example if you are a payment gateway startup, you might want to know what current payment systems are the leads currently using. This could be from your own list or a lead list generated by us. Some of our clients want custom data research for targeted custom audience ad campaigns. We could provide you with those data as well.

Our Pricing

This is for leads only without outreach
Starter Package
110 Leads
Fresh Leads
Custom Data/Filtering/Technology
Lead Research
Scale Package
300 Leads
Fresh Leads
Custom Data/Filtering/Technology
Lead Research
Rocket Package
700 Leads
Fresh Leads
Custom Data Filtering/Technology
Lead Research
Inspire Package
1000 Leads
Fresh Leads
Custom Data/Filtering/Technology
Lead Research

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How is InspireBeats different from other lead generation services?

We dont just hand you a bunch of leads in a document file like most lead gen companies do. InspireBeats provides your business with the most qualified and targeted leads using a bunch of tools along with a lot of manual human work. We do intensive research on each lead to find you the most qualified leads with buying signals. When it comes to outreach, we avoid sales template and personalize every single one as much as possible to ensure the highest open rate, CTR, and response rates. Most importantly, we're a startup ourselves and can fully understand the type of leads you are looking for. We speak the startup language 😛

What is lead research/custom data analysis?

Lead research and custom data analysis is where we help you research a list of existing leads. This could be using our list or using a list that you may have. We will get you custom information about the lead such as the lead's contact information, company's technology used and any other relevant information that you may need.

What are your values?

We believe in quality over quantity. We believe in treating our client's leads just like our own leads. Our goal is to save you time and help you grow your business through high quality leads. Whether you're looking to crush that Paul Graham 10% growth rate or bootstrap your way to success, we got you.

Will the leads know that it’s not us reaching out to them?

Nope! all your information is kept confidential unless you allow us to use your information in the public. All emails will be sent out in a very personal manner so that your leads will think it is someone from your team that is reaching out to them. The whole process will be smooth and the rocket leads will be passed to you immediately for your sales team to takeover.

When do you guys start?

We start the day we start billing. We will spend the first couple of days gathering information about your niche and start researching leads. Then we start putting together your leads and any custom filtering/data that you may need. We send out leads on a bi-weekly basis, but the schedule can be adjusted depending on how much custom data/filtering is involved. 

What’s inside the personal email outreach?

Before we reach out to a prospect, one of the first things we do is conduct research on the individual and try to learn as much about him/her as possible. We then craft a personal email based on what we know so we that we can make the friendliest approach. Most of the content within the email will be a warm greeting followed by a question of their interest and other options. This ensures the highest response rate and open rates.

What industries/fields do you specialize in?

We've worked with clients from all fields ranging from real estate brokers to b2b software companies to creative agencies, but our main focus are software companies with long customer LTV. We have experience in all fields and can conduct insightful research on each field throughout the entire campaign. We have been seeing the greatest success with the SaaS category, but we have experiencing targeting niche categories as well. For example the car industry and fashion industry and gathering data from there.

What data is included in a lead?

We include all the basic information of a lead including name, email, company, social media account, linkedin, and any other necessary basic information about the lead so that you can learn more about them. We also have custom filtering for any specific custom information you might need.

What is custom data type?

Custom data is for the Rocket Package where we help you gather more than just the basic information for each lead. For example, you might want to know what payment system does their company use or you might want to know if their employees enjoy working there. Do they have weekly parties and any other information that you might need.

Is there any commitment required?

Nope! No commitments for our lead only packages, everything is month to month. Most of our customers love our results and love our service. Unlike other companies that tie you onto an annual contract, if you are unhappy with our service or results, feel free to cancel anytime without questions asked! The only commitment that is involved is if you are using us for our outreach solution. We require a 3 month minimum commitment billed monthly because we need time to go through the follow up cycles, go through feedback stages, and work with advance ideal customer profile targeting.

What type of contacts do you target?

This will fully be determined by our initial discussion of your business goals, channels, and target. We try to aim for key design makers within an organization as well as manager roles and founder roles depending on the stage of the company. 

Can you guys help me find emails through a list?

Yes! If you have a list of say, Twitter handles. We can help you research into those leads and find you their contact information, company information , and many more. We can also help you reach out to them with a personalized email as well as apart of our lead services.